Sports Shirts: Fashion or Faux Pas?

by Mackenzie M. | March 7th, 2013 | Fashion

sports shirtMen and women all over the United States love wearing clothes that proudly display the logo of their favorite sports teams for a variety of occasions. While such a shirt or sweater is appropriate for a relaxing run or a night at the local bar, sports shirts are not appropriate for all settings, especially if trying to portray a professional or fashion forward image. For the college aged man, sports team logo sweatshirts are great for a weekend of lounging around, but they should  generally be avoided in semi formal or formal situations. Below is a list of some of the sports logo fashion faux pas that many men make, and ways to solve that problem.

Comfort. Many people wear sports sweatshirts with their favorite team logo for one easy reason: comfort. Don’t get me wrong; I love my comfortably large Louisiana State University sweatshirt as much as the next person; however, in meetings or social gatherings at my university, wearing a sweatshirt with an imposing sports logo is not professional or appealing. If a sweatshirt is the unavoidable top of choice, be sure to buy a comfortable sweatshirt that not only is comfortable, but also genuinely fits the shape of your body. Baggy sweatshirts, especially with large team logos, are out.

Team spirit. This is the hardest point to argue against. The point of wearing a team logo is to support your favorite sports team; however, this is often overused and quickly becomes tacky. New Orleanians can be seen wearing their Saints gear to just about any occasion. This is not only over done, but it is genuinely in bad taste. Supporting your sports team is not an issue in itself, but too much of anything is not good. Give the sports sweatshirt a break next time and opt for a classic button up shirt or normal sweater. Show the team spirit on game days and days off of work, but be sure to remember to dress adequately according to other occasions.

Trends. When a team is doing well, you are bound to see an uptick in the amount of sports gear being worn. While this is a great way to show your outward support for a team, remember when not to wear the gear even if everyone around is. Save your best official athletic clothing for game days, and opt for normal clothes on off days in order to present a more professional and academic look. While this is a statement of generalization, professors and employers do indeed judge the way their employees dress. Nothing is more awkward than being at the airport and seeing boatloads of people in their favorite team’s sweatshirts. Maybe they are simply advertising for their home cities, but this is sometimes done in bad taste.

The take away lesson here is to know when it is appropriate to wear your team’s logo, as it is not appropriate in every situation.

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