Spring 09 Trends You Can Wear

by Anna P. | February 25th, 2009 | Fashion

clothesSpring and summer are my favorite seasons. I love everything about them, particularly the clothes and the accessories. I love the bold colors and vibrant prints- they make clothes so much more fun to wear. I know most fashion magazines always make such a big deal over fall and winter style, but personally I love spring and summer styles more.

This season’s most notable trends include bohemian, nautical, colorful 80s vintage, and animal print. When they are worn well and with confidence, trends can be fun. But for a lot of us, trends also can be rather intimidating. Here are a few pointers that will help you select trends that you can enjoy wearing.

1- Only buy and wear what you truly like. If you don’t like skinny jeans, then don’t buy them as they would probably sit in your closet and never be worn. If you like animal prints, then buy a leopard print dress or zebra print bag. Fashion is only fun when you actually enjoy it.

2- Wear only one trend at a time. Too many trendy looks in one outfit make the outfit appear beyond busy, and it really makes no sense. It’s just a total fashion disaster. A good idea would be to wear one trend with a classic item. Think, a long maxi dress with a classic white cardigan.

3- Here is one trend that will always be around: jeans. The styles and looks may change, but jeans are a true staple in anyone’s closet. And it doesn’t always have to be designer, Target and Hollister sell some terrific trendy looks for less.

4- If you’re afraid of wearing any trend, but yet you still would like to experiment, then buy trendy accessories. Accessories are not only a simple solution, they’re most often cheaper than a new outfit.

I hope these tips will help inspire you to try a new look that you will love. Fashion really is just a form of art, so express yourself!

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