Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

by R. Carnavale | January 1st, 2014 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

fashion (1024x683)Though the temperatures outside may be a bit nippy, it’s never too early to think about spring and fashion. Think country charm, fringe embellishments, pretty pastels and earthy colors, chiffon, button-down shirts with contrast collars, crop tops, shift blouses, boxy jackets, bomber jackets, wide-leg trousers, tea-length skirts, sweaters, collarless coats and Chico-pedics sport sandals. This spring’s look is dressy, with luxurious fabrics, and chic styling. Here’s more on what you’ll want to wear this spring:

Colors & Fabrics: Spring 2014 fashion is dominated by pastels, from mint green to lilac to baby blues. Pick your favorite color, make sure it flatters your silhouette and delight in this spring’s girlie colors. If pastels just aren’t your thing, you can wear earth tones, from nude to khaki to moss green. Chiffon is trending in a big way, so wear it under a tunic or sweater to lighten your look.

Tops: Three trends dominate this spring’s fashion look: The menswear-inspired button-down shirt is in vogue and it’s spruced up with a contrasting-colored collar. You can opt for textured collars and cuffs, too. The shift blouse is trending, too. Shift blouses look like dressy T-shirts and have near-elbow-length sleeves and boxy silhouettes. You can kick your shift blouse up a notch by choosing lux textures and big prints. Crop tops are huge this spring. Pair one with a mini or tea-length skirt to make a fashion statement.

Jackets: There are two trends in jackets this spring: The first trend is the boxy, cropped (non-moto), big print and textured look, especially at the office. Wear your jacket over a body-con dress, tailored trousers, skirt or jeans. After work, try on a girlie-styled bomber jacket over a dress, skirt or shorts for a sporty, adventurous look.

Coats: Collarless is the key. Layer with a pencil skirt or dressy trousers at the office or a body-con or leather pants in the evening.

Trousers: As with jackets, there are two trends in trousers this spring: It’s the billowy, ultra-chic wide-leg look this spring. If you’re not model-tall, try for a pair that’s high in the waist to elongate your legs. The second trend is the tuxedo-meets-athletic striped trousers in which athletically-styled trousers feature tuxedo detailing on the outer seams or inseams. Whatever you do, be sure pick dressy pants and consider wearing a dress over them.

Skirts: Tea-length (somewhere between midi and maxi) is in this spring. Be sure to wear a cropped top to offset the length. Pencil skirts and classic knife pleats are in style.

Sweaters: A seasonal sweater is the perfect top to keep you warm and fashionable as temperatures start to warm up. You can pair Spring 2014’s bold-print sweaters with a matching skirt or shorts.

Chic-o-pedics: This sport sandal, in bright colors or covered with gems, is THE footwear choice this spring.

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