Spring 2014’s Must-Have Accessories

by R. Carnavale | January 3rd, 2014 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

girl in straw hatIt’s eye-catching bags, necklaces, earrings and sunglasses this spring. Fringes are everywhere and the look is B-I-G — big jewelry, big bags, big hats and big sunglasses. You can’t help but stand out wearing hats with bold prints, bags with fringes and big prints, ultra-huge tinted sunglasses, big necklaces and chokers with big embellishments, hip-slung belts, neck scarves and big earrings with long-dangle designs. You can create a clean, pulled-together look by matching your bag, belt and/or dress and you don’t have to sell the house, either, because Target has teamed up with designer Peter Pilotto, who’s created a sensational accessories collection. Kohl’s has designer Lauren Conrad, who’s created a beautiful collection of hair accessories and jewelry. Here’s more on this spring’s must-have accessories:

Jewelry: The Spring 2014 collections feature big designs, the Egyptian look and the antique look, gold, silver, bib necklaces, long necklaces with big gems and embellishments, neck collars adorned with jewelry, swirling brass collars, floral chokers and big, long earrings in ultra-modern styles. Gems are boldly-colored in saturated colors like jade. Big, chunky bracelets in gold with colored gems are in.

Bags: This spring, think big clutches and bags, fringes, big prints, neutral or pastel colors and big, bold plaids, windowpane prints, portfolios, macrame bags, sling bags, beaded and feathered bucket bags and gardening tote-inspired bags with botanical prints, metallics and leather latticework. The designer gym tote-look is also in style. Make a fashion statement in the evening by donning this season’s dainty micro bag.

Belts: hip-slung and belt bags are in, as are cinches that look like gladiator rings.

Hats: You’ll stand out in this season’s bold prints, windowpane prints, cloche styles, straw sun hats with huge brims, and picture hats. If you’re a tennis pro or 1990’s hip hop fan, you’ll love the return of the white visor.

Sunglasses: They’re big and bold with tinted lenses, ultra-wide frames for a distinctive hard-to-miss look. Surf culture has infiltrated this season’s sunglasses designs, so expect to look like Laird Hamilton rather than glam.

Hair accessories: Think bold ribbons in royal blue and bronze to tie up a bun and a pretty flower petal stretchy headband.

Shoes: Flats with big ribbons are in and so are mukluks, loafers, black-fringed pumps, fringed stilettos, Capri sandals covered in colorful stones, mesh, lace-up, and mules (they’re back in style this spring). Whatever you do, be sure to make your flats are bold-colored with loud prints.

Neck scarves : Neck scarves in ascot shapes with big fringes are also in style.

(Photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero)

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