Spring Cleaning

by Sam P. | April 1st, 2014 | Sam's Suggestions

clothes (400x400)As the warm weather approaches, we are all feeling the need to peel off the thick sweaters and break out the sandals, but first you have to make sure you have clothes that will fit. The easiest way to clean out your closet is to reserve one day for solely trying on clothes, deciding what still fits and what you still wear. After your closet had significantly shrunk in size, create a list of what you absolutely need. Keep this list as small as possible, especially if you are a growing teen. Chances are you will accumulate more summer clothes as time goes on so there’s no need to go into debt today. Also, if you are a teen, try to accumulate as few clothes as possible that you know you won’t wear often because they won’t be worth what you are spending on them; you’ll just outgrow them in a season. Try to keep binge buying to a minimum, as well. Shopping sprees tend to be filled with impulse buys that will only be in fashion for a short while. Also, try to buying everything on sale. If something isn’t on sale and is out of your price range, leave it. If you can’t stop thinking about it, go back and buy it when it goes on sale. If it never crosses your mind again then it clearly wasn’t meant to be bought by you.

(Photo courtesy of Robert Linder)

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