Spring Date Night Outfits

by Sam P. | April 21st, 2015 | Date Night Outfits, Teen Fashion

girl with romper on (400x400)Spring is wonderful.  Around 60 or 70 degrees is still cool enough to be refreshing, but warm enough that you aren’t cold.  During the day it is wonderful, but at night it can still be a little chilly.  And when the wind blows it can be a tad chilly too.  The worst thing about spring is going to restaurants.  Of course it is always cold in restaurants, but in the spring it is like they blast the A/C because it is starting to get warm out.

For a daytime outfit in which you will be outside, mini golf perhaps, layers are key.  Jeans work, and if you’re warm you can roll them into capris.  I also love rompers and overalls.  Cute and cheap rompers can be found at Forever 21, but I opt to shop online as their store can be a hit or miss most times.  A very cute outfit would be a full length army green romper, with a fitted tribal print crop top underneath, and a light spring jacket on top.  Toms would work well, but so would a pair of sandals.

If you are going out at night it is both easier, and more difficult.  It is easier because you can also wear skirts and dresses if the date calls for it, but at night it is colder.  A cute springy dress with a blazer would be cute and chic while still keeping you warm.  You could also wear a skater skirt with a long sleeve shirt if you know you will be cold.  Kohl’s has a fantastic selection of fun dresses, as does Macy’s.  You can also opt for pants.  Leggings with a cute long tunic would be a great match with a jacket over it.  If you prefer jeans you can pair them with a springy top to lighten up the look, but layer on a jacket in case you get cold.  Both of those outfits would work for movie theaters as well since they are always freezing.  My favorite place to get spring tank tops and tunics is Macy’s as they are always having sales and have a very cute selection.

If you are like me and need to find bargains, TJ Maxx is a good place to start.  They may not always have what you are looking for, but they typically do.  And if they don’t have exactly what I’m looking for, I always end up finding something else I love.

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