Spring Essentials

by Sam P. | May 5th, 2016 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

rain boots (400x400)Spring is a great season. School is starting to calm down, baseball season is upon us, along with other spring school sports, and clothing becomes much lighter. There are a few spring essentials, in my opinion, and they include the perfect pair of capris, overalls, and crop tops.

  • Capris – Every girl needs the perfect pair of capris in the spring. Whether you DIY them, or buy them at the store, they must be the perfect length for your body. Remember to keep the length above the bottom of your calf, but below the bottom of your knee. Also, be careful with shading or artificial wear. When the jeans have already been lightened to add the look of wear and tear to them the results can be unflattering. Try to keep it to a minimum, especially on your thighs and butt. If the shading is too intense and too light in those areas, it can make them look proportionally large.
  • White or pale jeans – I have touched on this topic before, but they really are necessary. They embrace the spring spirit and tend to feel lighter on your legs. Be sure they are thin enough to roll if you want to cuff them, but not so thin that they’re see through.
  • Overalls – Many people don’t like them, but I think overalls are absolutely adorable. They are light weight and comfy and are perfect for the beach. In a light wash they look great. They’re perfect for layering and for comfy lazy days.
  • Crop tops – Another one of my favorite new trends, they show of just enough skin to give a slight sex appeal, but not so much that it becomes trashy. With a pair of high rise shorts they look fabulous. Plus, they tend to be light in material so you aren’t getting sweaty. Perfect for a hot spring day and can even work in the summer.
  • Rain boots – We all know that April showers bring May flowers, so protection from precipitation is a great idea. Whether you have a pair of camouflage ones, or a pair covered in flowers they are a great idea and look cute, too.
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