Spring Fashion Hints

by Michele | January 25th, 2008 | Fashion

As it is midwinter, the lure of spring and warmth are calling me.  I am excited to wear skirts and tops that are fun without considering if they will keep me warm.  Plus, with the arrival of a new season, it signals the need to purchase new items to supplement my wardrobe.

Luckily, I can start planning what items I want without having to leave my home and endure the brutal cold.  I can sit snug in my favorite chair next to the fireplace and use my laptop. 

According to an article at PRNewswire.com, “STYLE.COM, the online home of Vogue, has compiled the ultimate shopping guide for spring, defining the season’s top trends.”  With this guide you can read about the latest trends, new clothing items, and where to find them. 

Even though it is a few months before I will be wearing anything short of a turtleneck sweater and knee boots, I will be spending many a winter evening dreaming of spring and planning my future shopping trips.

To read about STYLE.COM and their spring shopping guide, visit their press release at:

STYLE.COM Launches Spring Shopping Guide


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