Spring Fashion

by Sam P. | April 2nd, 2013 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

cropSpring is finally here!  And I don’t mean that it is technically spring because we passed a certain date, I mean it is actually starting to feel like spring. And with the spring time comes spring clothing.  Every year there are new trends, some of which I think are completely adorable, and others not so much.  I am here to give you the low down on all the new fads.

Maxi Dresses:  I actually recently bought a coral, lace, strapless maxi dress.  I accompanied it with a melted milk chocolate colored crinkled leather jacket to make it school appropriate.  The only issue with maxi dresses is you have to be wary of the length.  If it is too short and falls above your ankles it looks odd, plus if it is higher than mid calf it is no longer a maxi dress.  Also if the dress falls between the tops of your ankles and mid calf, it can drastically shorten your legs.  And that is not what we are going for, as maxi dresses are supposed to lengthen them. Also keep in mind that if that dress is too long, it will look frumpy, and you will be constantly tripping over it.  Usually I advise the longest you should go is so the dress is just barely brushing the floor as you walk.  And remember to lift it slightly as you go up stairs, or you will trip.

Patterned Jeans:  I can be a fan of these if they are done well.  Any sort of floral jean I love, but when you start getting patterns it becomes difficult.  Vertical stripes are usually acceptable as long as they are not thicker than, say, two and a half to three inches.  And make sure that they aren’t skinnier than an inch or an inch and a half.  And the same goes for how far apart they are.  The issue with this is that skinny stripes are drastically thickening.  By this I mean that they can make your legs look much thicker and wider than they already are. And vice versa for thick stripes.  They can be thinning on women with skinnier legs, but if your legs are on the thicker side, they can still make them look larger.  The same goes for polka dots and plaid. The dynamics I said above go for the size of all three of these.  As for horizontal stripes, just stay away from them all together. Can I say disaster in the making?

Rompers:  I am glad this is the trend I saved for last.  The honest truth is I don’t like them.  I don’t think they look all that good on anyone besides models. And if we all looked like models, men would be having a field day. But unfortunately we don’t; sorry boys!  I feel rompers really hide your waist line.  And while if they are short rompers, they can lengthen your legs, but that still doesn’t make up for the way they butcher your figure.  Even if it does cinch at the waist,there is always so much extra fabric on top that it folds over the “waist line” and hides it.  And while it does that, in shrinks our chest.  If  you ask me, I would advise staying away from them.

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