Spring Jewelry

by Sam P. | April 7th, 2016 | Jewelry

necklace (400x400)As the warm weather approaches, it is ever so important to switch out our jewelry with our clothes.  This season is filled with pastel colors and large statement necklaces.  Chandelier earrings and knuckle rings are quite popular as well.

With such attention grabbing pieces it is quite easy to overpower an outfit. The easiest way to make sure you aren’t overdoing it is to only use one of the new pieces. If you wear a large statement necklace keep the rest simple. Perhaps only stud earrings and one or two rings. I always like a leather skirt with a floral tops. Throw in a large gold statement piece with pastel accents and then only gold studs and a simple ring or two.

If you prefer to bling up your hands keep your neck and wrists empty. Ripped skinnies and a muscle tee of your favorite band look great with combat boots and hands that could take out a CIA agent. A basic ring or two on each hand with a few knuckle rings keep the rock vibe going. Studs of your choice look absolutely fabulous. Adding in a bracelet or necklace would overpower the look.

If you prefer large earrings you have the most free reign. You can pair them with printed leggings and a cute top of your choice. A simple long chain necklace and a few bangles on your wrist completes the outfit.

The best thing about this season’s hot new bling is that they go with everything. You can go for a rock look with each piece, or you could take it to the other end of the spectrum and do a cute girly look. My favorite thing to do is take a feminine outfit and layer it with a leather jacket or wear combat boots.to toughen the look up. There are statement pieces to pair perfectly with whatever you like. If you want to weigh more towards the cutesy side, go with a large necklace with bright colors. If you want to link to a rock vibe, grab some big earrings. If you want to scream tough girl, throw on a bunch of rings. Plus, they act as self-defense.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be hit in the face by someone wearing a bunch of rings.

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