Spring Make-up Trends

by Delaney M. | April 18th, 2012 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

As featured in all clothing stores today, it is typical to see the hot spring fashions in bold and bright colors. Fluorescent yellows, pinks, purples, and greens are among the most popular shades of clothing for this season. Many may buy the bright colored clothing, but then not have any idea what color eye shadow to wear with it or how to connect their make-up with the styles. In this article, you will find ways to solve that problem.

When wearing bright colors, it is highly recommended to tone down your make-up, because it would be too much to match it with your clothes. For example, if you are wearing a bright green or yellow top, it is advised to wear a darker shade of eye shadow, such as a deep purple or gray. This will make it more subdued, yet sexy. You will definitely stand out boldly with the shirt, but maintain a classy look with toned down make-up.

Also, if wearing a bright pink, purple, or blue top, it is suggested to then wear a shimmery nude, yellowish, or golden eye shadow. This will coordinate well with your blouse, as well as lighten up your face and look. It will give you a more fresh appeal.

Clearly, those are just suggestions, but it will also look nice mixing and matching the recommended eye shadows with the different bright colored tops. Dark, subdued eye shadow would look just as nice with the pink tops, as well as the golden shadows looking good with a green blouse. It is all about what you feel most comfortable wearing.

If you would like your eyes to stand out and be the center of attention, specific eye shadows can help to enhance them as well. Subtle oranges and golden yellows help to make blue and green eyes shine bright. Applying a deep shade of purple can make hazel eyes glow. Also, a shade of brown or green can bring great attention to brown eyes.

Many eye shadows have their own directions of how to wear them properly on the eyelid; however, not all of them look as great as they say. If you are not too experienced with make-up, I would recommend applying the eye shadow only to the lower part of the eye-lid refraining from getting too close to the brow line. If you are more creative with it, I would suggest playing around with applying different tones of the same shade on parts of the lid.

Although, many may find it difficult to know the appropriate eye shadow to wear with their clothing, it is actually very simple to keep it classy. As long as you do not go over board and try to make everything match, you will be fine. After all, less is always more!

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