Spring Must Haves

by Lori Sciame | March 29th, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

Want to stand out in the crowd this spring? Three fashion trends can help you do just that. Flowing feathers worn in the hair, light-weight scarves around the neck, and nail polish color surprises can amp your style quotient. Low in cost, and high in style, these easy fashion accessories can be classified as spring must haves. Read on to learn more about these options!

Fabulous Feathers

Anyone who is anyone has jumped on the feather bandwagon. Feathers in a rainbow colors have been seen on the catwalks of major designers, and stylists across the nation have started to adorn their client’s hair with this gorgeous accessory. Imagine silky, long red hair infused with deliciously long, spaghetti thin feathers, almost as if the woman grew them herself! Or what about short, blonde hair blessed with a crown of wispy black feathers? Any woman can wear this accessory; just make sure to buy the right kind of feather or feather extension – not the clunky huge feathers, but the highly styled type. Various websites offer extensions at reasonable prices…one more reason to give this trend a shot. And don’t let advancing age be a deterrent. Several stars over 40 have embraced feather fashion.

Scintillating Scarves

Much like feathers, summer scarves increase your chances of getting the attention you want. Made in breezy fabrics, such as cotton or silk, in any color from pastel to bold brights, scarves accent any outfit. Check out Scarves.net for reasonably priced versions. They showcase floral designs, solid colors, patterns, and even patriotic versions. This awesome website also offers a plethora of information on everything scarves, from the long history of scarves to 37 different ways to tie them. The newest styles offered this spring are the skinny scarf and the infinity scarf. Buy a couple of one or both styles for help in creating cute outfits.

Naughty Nails

Cared for finger nails never go out of style; however, nail colors and nail treatments change and evolve over time. You’ll be in high style this spring if you paint all of your fingernails a daring color – except for the two ring fingers. These should then be painted a contrasting color, or they should have an embellishment added, such as sparkles or dots. And make sure not to paint your toenails the exact same way as your fingernails. It’s much more visually daring to have a different (but complimentary color) on your feet. Other popular nail accents include easy nail wraps that you can press on. Examples include flowers, butterflies, and even zebra stripes. One well-known company, Sally Hansen, provides great wraps at cheap prices.

These three spring must haves can spice up all your outfits, from those you wear to the beach or for a night on the town. Since each trend costs little, you can get a lot of style with a little bit of money. No matter your age, feathers, scarves, and nail colors can be incorporated into your wardrobe to enhance your look.

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