Spring Rings

by Lori Sciame | April 11th, 2013 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

ringSpring is all about exposure. From silky smooth skin to fabulous manicures and pedicures, every trendsetter needs to pay attention to her exposed assets in order to be on top of the fashion game.  This means that one accessory, the ring, needs special consideration.  If a woman only wears her engagement or wedding ring, she is missing out on playing with one of today’s hottest accessories.  There are rings to suit every taste and budget; read on to learn about the different types of rings and how to wear them.

Band Rings

This ring is the type that most people can identify the easiest.  Think of a gold wedding band, or a silver promise ring.  These rings can be simple with no gems, or they may be quite ornate, adorned with a row of diamonds or other precious stone.  Always in style, these rings complement all outfits, and they can be worn both at work or for a night on the town.

Shield Rings

This type of ring looks just like its name. Imagine a great warrior’s shield, but in miniature size.  These rings can be made from a variety of materials, from metals to plastics, and they can look ancient or modern.  No matter which style of shield ring a woman chooses, she will be a hit with this trendy accessory.  Wear both during the day and evening hours.

Double Finger Rings

This type of ring found popularity first with pop/hip hop singers.  As the name implies, this ring fits on two (or more) fingers at once.  Some styles can be quite large, and they remind one of the metal brass knuckles thugs used to intensify a punch, while other styles come across as dainty and demure. Depending on which style a woman chooses will dictate where and when this accessory should be worn.

Layered/Stacked Rings

These rings have been popular for the past few years, and they continue to have many fans.  The idea that more is better can be attached to this accessory type.  Much like one layers bracelets/bangles, rings can be stacked the same way.  With thousands of this variety of accessory available, each woman will find one she likes.  Again, when a woman will want to wear this type of ring will again depend on the size and style of the ring chosen.

First Knuckle Rings

Rings worn above the first knuckle have been gaining in popularity.  Those who loves trends will want to jump on this accessory sooner rather than later.  For a wide variety of knuckle rings at reasonable prices, check out Etsy.  This accessory can be worn on casual days or for a night on the town; however, I’d caution wearing them in conservative offices.

Beautiful Fingers with Beautiful Rings

Since the hands on a woman are highly visible…even more so in the spring and summer…make sure to accessorize the fingers with a variety of trendy rings.  Choose from band, shield, double finger, layered/stacked, and first knuckle styles to flaunt perfectly fashionable hands!


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