Spring Shoes

by Sam P. | March 10th, 2016 | Shoes, Teen Fashion

shoes (400x400) (2)This upcoming spring season has lots to hold.  Some of the most interesting things on the runway of Fashion Week 2014 were the shoes; all different sorts of crazy styles.  Of course, some will probably never see the shelf of a store, and if they do they’ll never make it to the street.  But some held promise. That is, if they could be toned down.

Heels: There were all sorts of different types of heels to be found in this new season, obviously as they were on a runway.

Thick heels: Despite the common appeal of thin heels, like a wonderful pair of stiletto pumps, the runway held many chunky heels. Some short and some tall, they definitely made an impact and have a running chance in being spotted on the streets in the new spring season.  They may not be the hottest looking shoes, but they are certainly quite comfortable.

Skinny heels: Of course we wouldn’t, and couldn’t, ditch our “sole” mate (see what I did there?) the skinny heel.  They were still there on the runway as lovely as ever.  They will most definitely be in stores and on the streets this season.

Gladiator shoes: Whether they were heeled or flats, these strappy and secure looks were quite the show stopper this season.  I can guarantee that I will be rocking these babies quite a lot this spring.

Strappy sandals: Trust me; they are different from gladiator sandals.  They are much more elegant and feminine.  Plus, gladiator sandals tend to have thinner straps, whereas strappy sandals can have straps of any thickness, not to mention as many or as few as they like.

Pointy toed stilettos: I am not the biggest fan of these shoes since they remind me of a witch, but they were all over the runway for the spring season off 2014 and will surely make an impact this season.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even break out a pair.  They certainly do make a statement if that’s what you’re going for. They aren’t exactly the most comfortable though as your little toesies may get a little squished.

Patterns: Almost each and every shoe on the catwalk this season had its own unique pattern.  From animal print to paisley the streets will be covered in them.

Animal print: Faux snake and alligator prints dotted the runway and the models walked, but they weren’t the only animals out there.  Cheetahs, leopard, and many other mammals strutted the catwalk.  All faux, of course.

Paisley: Paisley and shoes aren’t the first combination to come to mind when thinking of shoes with patterns, but they made a quick appearance in Fashion Week 2014 this season, specifically on wedges.  I was a little skeptical when I first heard of this, but when I looked up the pictures I fell in love.  It’s isn’t the most common look, but it sure is cute.

Metallic: All I have to say is I love it, and why didn’t we do this sooner?

Of course, that wasn’t all that Fashion Week had to offer, but these were some of the most wearable looks.  If anything, wear shoes that you like and that make you feel pretty.  And, don’t force yourself to wear anything too uncomfortable.  The saying is that pain is beauty, but I don’t think the creator of that rule had to wear any of these shoes around today.

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