Spring Trend Preview

by Lori Sciame | December 20th, 2012 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

Fashion trends for spring continue to convey the theme – anything goes!  From 1920’s inspired waist lines, to 1990’s faded denim, designers embrace the bold and the beautiful (and everything in between) in their 2013 collections.  Today’s trends inspire individuality instead of a cookie cutter mentality.  Basically, whatever styles a woman loves, she should find something to suit her tastes when the weather turns warmer.

1920’s Sassy Style

Those irreverent flappers continue to influence fashion almost 100 years after their heyday.  Top designers love fringe, drop waists, and sassy head wear, all of which have been spotted in most collections for spring.  Never dated, these trends continue to call to mind a brazen woman who can own any style she decides to wear.

Ethereal White

Fresh for spring, layers of barely there white fabrics, can be seen in blouses, dresses, and skirts for the coming season.  The look portrays an ease for living, while still hinting at sensuality.  The great thing about this trend is that women of all sizes and shapes look great in white.  Some will even look almost angelic when dressed in white from head to toe.

1990’s Rocker Rags

Most remember rocker jeans from the 1990’s – distressed, patched, and ready to roll!  This trend has resurfaced as a mature adult…one who can still be a bit crazy, but also as one who knows it’s all about presentation and fine detailing. Look for faded denim with intricate designs and patterns.

Color Block Craziness

Bold color block patterns will be everywhere this spring.  Look for it on purses, scarves, clothing pieces, and even umbrellas.  The key to the trend – making a statement with hues that pop.  If a woman wants to stand out, color blocking will certainly help her to be seen as fashion-forward. Invest in at least one color-blocked item to be seen as in style this spring!

Not Your Momma’s Suits

Pants suits, often a boring staple in the office, have been revamped for spring 2013.  In fact, there’s nothing about these jackets and pants that will remind the wearer of mom or grandma!  Somewhere between club wear and weekend wear, designers have taken suits to the next level, and most will like these unique takes on “formal” dressing.  Look for luxurious fabrics and mismatched pieces.  Wear them to a wine bar and to a fine restaurant, but they’re too chic for the drudgery of work!

Fashion Freedom

It seems as if never before have designers offered so many choices for all personality types – and all body sizes.  Whether a woman is sweet, edgy, artsy, brainy, or romantic, this coming spring she will be able find plenty of styles that can convey her personality.  As well as being a time of anything goes in fashion trends, it’s also a time of fashion freedom, and that’s definitely a good thing.

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