Spring/Summer Hair & Makeup Trends

by R. Carnavale | April 19th, 2013 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

blushForget everything you’ve ever learned about hair and makeup if you want to be in style this spring and summer. This season’s trends call for imperfect hair styles (messy hair that looks like hairbrushes and combs have become extinct), fallen angels makeup, and pale or Goth look nails. The 80’s are back with a vengeance with boyish eyebrows and cherry red lips. (Remember Madonna when she was young?) Kate Moss’s rock ‘n roll party look is trending. The overall feel of the season is strong vs. subtle, carefully created grunge, and 80’s vibes.


Forget having every hair in place—the scraggly, greasy, and lived-in look is trending this season, and so are disheveled rock ‘n’ roll, “party girl,” grunge, tomboyish, and bohemian styles. Hair is loose and voluminous to create a “too cool to care” look that says, “I skipped the hair salon and did it myself.” This is the season for dramatic parts—zigzag, diagonal, faux undercuts, and triangle.


Trending is the fallen angels look, haunting and spooky, with hollowed out cheekbones and eye sockets. Nude lips are in, but if you’re into wearing lipstick, pink and red (cherry red, scarlet, and crimson) are this season’s top colors. Remember to blot, blot, and blot. This season’s eye colors call for lots of black eyeliner rimming the eyes with lots of shading around the lower lash line (smudge the eyeliner). Mascara should clump together a little. In eye shadow, blue, green, and pink are this season’s picks, especially neon blue, green, and pink.


Pale nails in neutral and cream colors are part of the minimalist trend that’s in style this season. For more color and style, pastels, patterns, retro styles, and iridescent colors are popular. Blue, pink, purple, and butter colors are in vogue. For the more daring, blood splattered nails are the new look, just drip dark red nail polish on naked nails and connect the drops at the top.

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