Stay Fit, Go Shop!

by Valerie Mae Diola | January 20th, 2009 | Fashion


For those women who are not fond of exercising, don’t you know that there’s one activity you can do that also can make you fit and healthy? I am neither an athletic person nor active in the gym, but I still can manage to stay fit through…guess what? Shopping!

Why have I considered shopping as something that can make me healthy and fit? Well, because it makes me feel good, it enhances my decision-making, and most of all, walking inside the mall is much better compared to sitting in front of the television for hours.

Every time I made a right decision (be it by deciding to buy or deciding not to buy), I feel good about myself. Shopping stimulates my brain because it allows me to decide on my own and to know the consequences of my decisions. There was a time that I saw this lovely pair of shoes, but I decided not to buy them yet. When I finally decided to buy and came back the following day, the shoes were already gone and out of stock. I regretted not buying the shoes earlier, but it was ok, I learned my lesson. So, for me, shopping allows one to decide smartly.

Shopping, for me, is also a form of exercise. Why? Because when we shop, we tend to walk around a lot. Be it window shopping or actually buying something, walking around a lot at the mall makes us fit without us knowing it.

Also, when I buy something I really like, it makes me feel really good and happy. So, shopping is beneficial not only to our bodies but also to our minds as well.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to stay healthy and fit, go shopping! After all, who doesn’t like to shop?

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