Stocking Up for Next Year

by Sam P. | February 24th, 2015 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

girl in sweater (400x400)As February comes to an end after what seemed like an eternity of snow many stores have an end of the season clearance.  I have always thought this is the perfect time to buy big heavy sweaters and flannels.  Not because I will be needing them soon in the impending warm spring months, but because this is the cheapest you can find them all year long.  Things like sweaters and flannels are perfect to stock up on the year before because they hardly ever go out of style or change drastically so they are always in style.

There are tricks to buying clothes in advance.  For starters, avoid buying things with seasonal or fad like patterns or colors.  Stay with neutral colors and patterns like plaid or stripes.  Lace, as well, is a good pattern as it does not often go out of style.  Try to avoid patterns like polka dots or paisley, and colors like bright yellow, neon, or pastel colors.  Every year colors and patterns go in and out of style.  The year before this orange was a hot color, and this year is it army green.  I often go for colors that can be worn with anything, like white, black, or tan.  Also go for colors that are flattering to your skin color.  Colors like these can always be worn even if they aren’t the hot color of the year because they are your color.  Next year, chances are army green and deep purple won’t be the most fashionable colors the second year in a row, but I will still wear them as they are flattering to me.

Also avoid buying specific styles of sweaters like a cowl neck sweater.  A style like that will most likely not be fashionable two years in a row.  The same goes for overly tight sweaters or overly large sweater, or overly long flannels or cropped flannels.  I find you can buy a few bulky sweaters, but still add some diversity in with a more fitted sweater or two.  Bulky sweaters can still be worn even if they aren’t as fashionable because of the sheer fact of comfort.

Many stores like Aeropostale, American Eagle, even Macy’s and Target sometimes have end of the season blowouts where you can find a sweater that used to be $40 for maybe $20, or even less if you’re lucky.  Flannels can also be found for a highly discounted price.  I also like stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls because something like sweaters or flannels that are already highly discounted will be a complete steal at this point.

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