Stray from Your Shopping List & Save

by Jane Wangersky | May 31st, 2013 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

book-and-moneyThere’s a lot to be said for making a shopping list and sticking to it. Then again, sometimes it’s good to give at least a passing glance to what’s on sale and to coupons for stuff you think you don’t want.

While looking for something else in the drugstore the other day, I saw that a lot of Pantene products were half price, including Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect shampoo and conditioner, which are supposed to “erase six months of damage in one use.” After my recent encounter with peroxide and paraben, I figured this couldn’t hurt. Even half price, though, the Pantene cost a little more than I like to pay for shampoo. But in the back of my mind was a coupon I’d seen in a magazine at home. When I got around to finding it, it was a buy-one-get-one on any Pantene shampoo and any other product (“of equal or lesser value”, of course). That’s how I got damage-repairing shampoo and conditioner for a fourth of the regular price. It’s too early to tell if it does what it says, but hey, I only spent a couple of bucks on it.

The drugstore also had a product called Bio-Oil on sale for three dollars off, and since I was out of moisturizer and didn’t foresee having time to brew up my own from the poppies in the garden, I decided to try it. Bio-Oil has sort of a cult following, so I was curious to see if it lived up to its reputation. As a moisturizer, I’m finding it slightly oily, which can be avoided by using less of it, as with straight lanolin. However, for evening out the skin tone, which it’s most famous for, Bio-Oil is amazing. Rub in a tiny bit and scars and freckles suddenly almost disappear. It’s not permanent — you have to keep using it twice a day. But the results are fast and impressive.

One last product I bought because it was half price, and I needed something like it anyway, was natural sunscreen from eco logical skin care. (That’s how they spell their name, except there’s a straight line over the “o” that I can’t reproduce). The tube had just expired, but I knew that didn’t mean the sunscreen had suddenly stopped working. I learned the active ingredient was zinc oxide. Years ago, I tried using straight zinc oxide as sunscreen, only to have people remark on how pale I was. Well, this stuff’s label said it was “non-whitening,” so I gave it a try. It’s pleasantly unscented, not too greasy (the “face” kind that I got works well under makeup) and works as well as any sunscreen I’ve used.

So I’d say if you keep one eye on your list, another on the special offers, and stay willing to try something new instead of the product you were planning on, you can save money even if you don’t stick to your list.

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