Style Notes: Billboard Music Awards

by Anna P. | May 25th, 2012 | Fashion, Women's Fashion

When people watch award shows, talent isn’t always the first thing that’s comes to mind. Most of us are too busy critiquing the appearances of the stars we love (fabulous dress!) and the stars we don’t (bad hair). What can we learn from this year’s Billboard Music Awards? Read on to get your dose of style tips from the stars!

1- Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Sparkle

Country singer Julianne Hough looked radiant in a white sparkly strapless mini dress. While most of us wouldn’t dare to wear a dress that short, most of us should apply more sparkle to our every day wardrobes. You could wear a sequined tank top with a denim skirt or skinny white pants. You could also try sparkly hair accessories or jewelry. Remember that a little shine or sparkle will go a long way.

2- Wear a Basic Blazer

Altough teen mega-star Miley Cyrus and pop singer Lisa Marie Presley wore basic blazers to the award event, they kept their styles very different. Cyrus went the daring route when she paired her white blazer with nothing underneath and a matching miniskirt. Presley took the chic approach by pairing her black blazer with a white maxi dress. Both stars showed that the quintessential staple is back in full swing this season!

3- Try a Little Lace

Nelly Furtado donned a super chic white lace dress at the Billboard Awards this year. This season is the perfect season to wear lace, so go ahead and purchase that dreamy lace sundress, light-weight lace sweater, or dainty lace tank top. You could also wear a lace accessory like a headband or scarf. Don’t be afraid to wear a lace garment or accessory in another color than white or cream. Think baby pink, aqua, lavender, or grass green.

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