Stylish Office Options: Over 40

by Lori Sciame | February 27th, 2013 | Office Wear

blazerAssembling a work wardrobe can become increasingly difficult as a woman ages. Although a woman doesn’t want to look dated, she certainly doesn’t want to be accused of trying to look young by wearing over the top fashion trends. Also factor in the fact that most women put on pounds while going through perimenopause, and the task of looking and feeling great at work becomes even more difficult.  Don’t despair.  Instead, try one of the following stylish office options to look your best.

Solid Color Blazer

No matter a woman’s size, a blazer can help to make her look polished and ready to tackle a busy day at work.  In addition, it doesn’t matter if the jacket is buttoned or not; just the fact that a blazer is worn amps a woman’s style.  Try pairing a royal blue blazer with black pants and a patterned shell.  Finish with heels, a chunky necklace, and look amazing.

Loose Sheath Dress

Thank goodness sheath dresses come in loose versions.  The fabulous thing – these dresses look structured, yet they don’t feel too constricting.  Pair a navy blue dress with the ever popular nude heel and accent with colorful necklace.  If your arms aren’t perfect, feel free to add a light sweater.

Floral Blouse

Instead of opting for floral pants, which can make an older woman look bottom heavy, opt instead for a trendy blouse.  Pair light gray dress pants with a colorful floral blouse. Finish by loosely tying the blouse below the waist.  This trick will cover a less than perfect mid section, while still taking advantage of the floral trend.

Asymmetrical Top

Thankfully Vera Wang has several versions of asymmetrical tops for work.  These lively shirts look great with solid color pants or skirts.  They also cover enough of the chest and arms to make a woman feel secure in her own skin.  Add a great bag and cute shoes to complete the look.

Open-Work Sweater

A working woman can’t go wrong with a few open-work sweaters.  Available in gorgeous shades of creme, blush, and turquoise, these sweaters can be layered to create a unique look.  Although all the rage right now, they can be successfully worn by women of all ages.  One cute example is the LC Lauren Conrad’s open-work sweater at Kohl’s.  Available in a variety of solid colors, this sweater flatters in its delicate simplicity.  A white sweater over a black cami paired with black pants and colorful heels would be a perfect addition to a spring office wardrobe.

Dressing for success at the office remains possible at any age.  The key is to pick clothing pieces that flatter your body type, and that don’t scream,”I’m too young for you!” As this article suggests, it is possible to be in style while still being dignified. In essence, use trends to your advantage, instead of becoming a victim of fashion.




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