Suit Shopping Made Easy

by Lori Sciame | June 19th, 2013 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

suitThousands of recent college graduates will be making the transition to the work world in the next few months. Although what to wear to work may not be an issue for some, many businesses still require formal attire, including suits. Thank goodness retailers offer tools on the Internet to help women to find the best suits for their shape and pocketbook.  Read this article to find out where to start when buying suits for a new job.

Where to Begin?

A woman’s first task when considering buying suits is to make an honest assessment of her own body type.  For instance, a woman with a boyish figure will want a suit that gives her an illusion of a waist.  On the other hand, if a woman is very curvy, she will probably need to stay away from excessive detailing on the suit jacket.  A large woman will need to remember that a suit jacket should still hug her body to a certain degree, as material that hangs like a sack doesn’t look chic at all, and a petite woman must concede that too much fabric with fussy details will not do her any favors either.


After a woman has an understanding of her current physical size (not what she hopes to be in six months), she should research what types of suits other women wear in the office where she plans to work. Once a woman understands the dress code, she can begin looking on the Internet for styles, colors, and prices of suits.

Checking out sites such as the suit link on The Limited’s website will help to establish likes and dislikes, as well as cost caps. I especially liked this site, as it showed suits in a variety of colors.  Their slogan also says it all, “suits – confidence meets its match.” There are a myriad of other retailers online that offer suits, so be sure to research lots of them.

Make Time for Shopping

Since suits cost a considerable amount of money, a woman should carve out a large chunk of time from her schedule to visit several stores to try on different styles and colors.  Taking along a trusted friend can also be smart, as having another’s opinion on what looks good will help to ensure a successful purchase.  Although salespeople can be of assistance, they want to sell a product.  Their goal of a commission may not mesh with what really is best for the woman buying the garment!

Start Small, but Make a Positive Impression

After buying a suit or two, purchase a few blouses in different colors.  This will make it appear as if one has more clothes than she truly does.  Quality dress shoes remain a must as well.  Remember, the key to fitting in is not sticking out. One wants to make good first impression, instead of making a negative one by dressing out of sync with other women in the same office.

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