Summer Evening Wear

by James Maynard | July 20th, 2012 | Women's Fashion

Black and white has always been a classic color combination, and fashion runways in the last few months have all been graced with this popular twosome. Michael Kors, for one, has gone heavily on this theme so far this year.

Summer often brings light colors in as well, occasionally even in evening wear; however, this year, expect the unexpected with bold prints, patterns, and stripes – even animal prints have their place on the well-dressed woman for the summer of 2012.

One trend that has fallen in and out, but is definitely in this year, is pastels. Mint green is especially hot this year (to go with our scorching temperatures), and blue-hued pastels are very popular in party wear and dresses for the evening.

Speaking of which, dresses are staples right now, as well as sundresses for those who can look great in them for early-evening get togethers. The fashionable woman is looking feminine and soft. Even laces are making a showing this year.

As you look for something to wear to tonight’s party, remember that patterns can clash horribly, so unless two patterns look absolutely fabulous together, try to keep patterns to just one item in your outfit. Floral prints are definitely in, and they will be seen on nearly every article of clothing at some point, from shoes to blouses (just not all at once, one can hope).

Accessories are ripe for a blast of pastel in what you wear, and they are cheaper than trying to get your shot of summer colors from your shoes. Although a pair of pastel green shoes may look great with one or two of the outfits that you may wear this summer, you will need to have a shoe collection like Carrie Bradshaw to get the kind of fashion possibilities that you could get with a few well-chosen accessories for evening entertaining. Look for purses, belts, and even jewelery which can give you that fashionable blast of pastel at a reasonable cost.

Not all colors are heading toward the blue and green end of the spectrum either, as red is also making a huge comeback this year, complimenting the striking patterns that will be seen on fashionable women this summer.

These bright colors and bold patterns are being printed on the lightest of fabrics, treating you to a summer of not just looking great, but of feeling comfortable as well. There is no reason to be uncomfortable this summer, as the light fabrics, and concentration on whites and pastels will keep you cool during those hot summer evenings.

Ladies, look fabulous by keeping the classic black and white outfits, while adding just a few accessories with striking patterns and stripes, and a splash of a pastel color. Hit the town in the evening looking fabulous for just a few dollars!

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