Summer Fashion Faux Pas

by Sam P. | August 5th, 2014 | Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion

beach (400x400)Summer calls for different fashion styles, makeup styles, and hair styles.  Many women are not aware of this.  And many teenage girls feel they can take advantage of the heat and strut around in whatever they want.  This is not the case.

Wearing just a bathing suit –  Just because it is summer does not mean you can walk around in just a bathing suit.  You also can’t just wear a pair of shorts over it.  A bathing suit top is not a bandeau and is not interchangeable with one.  If you are too hot, wear flowier and lighter clothes, wear a crop top, but don’t just wear a bathing suit.  The only time that is acceptable is lounging at the pool or when at the beach.

Cake face – The summer is the time to give your face a break.  Don’t wear the same amount of makeup you do during work or the school year.  Skip the foundation and go lighter on the eyeliner and eye shadow.  Summer is supposed to be light and free, don’t ruin it by caking makeup on your face.  Chances are it will just melt off you face.

Over done hair –  Once again, the summer is for being light and free.  Let your hair go natural.  Skip the heat on it and let it air dry.  Also, there is not much of a point of straightening your hair or curling it as it will probably just frizz the second you walk outside.  Looking good for the five minutes you are indoors before you leave the house is not worth all the damage you are doing to your hair.  Embrace summer and your hair and let it go au natural.

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