Summer Shoes

by Sam P. | May 14th, 2013 | Shoes, Teen Fashion

sandalsI love summer.  It is truly my favorite season.  There are so many outfit opportunities, plus no school!  But my favorite part – the shoes.  Boots and moccasins are cute, but my favorite types of shoes are sandals and flip flops.  There are so many different types!

Flips flops are great because they work with almost every outfit.  Plus, they are cheap and come in numerous arrays of colors and patterns.  They only issue that can come with them is that because they are cheap they may break easily.  But they are incredibly affordable so I tend to buy them in “bulk.”

Sandals, on the other hand, may not work in every single outfit, but they are still incredibly versatile.  There are also countless styles.  My favorite type of sandal is probably the gladiator.  They are incredibly cute, and because of the built in ankle support, if you absolutely need to get somewhere fast in them, you can run without having to worry about twisting your ankle or loosing a shoe.

The other great thing about sandals is that you can find them in all different heights.  You can get sandals that are completely flat to having a six inch heel.

I recently adopted a pair of fancier sandals from my aunt.  She bought them at Old Navy a few years ago. They are the cutest things ever.  The only way I can think of the picture these shoes is to imagine a gray ballet flat with a platform wedge heel made of a corkboardish material and an ankle strap.  They are fancy enough to wear with an outfit if I needed to dress up, but still casual enough to wear to school or in the summer with a pair of cutoffs and a cute tank.

The other great thing about sandals is how greatly they lengthen your legs, especially if they are heels.  Since, unlike boots, they start right at your ankle, or possibly even lower, your legs appears to be longer than they are.  If a tall girl with killer legs were to wear the gray heeled sandals I just got, I think every girl on the planet would want to take her legs because they would look literally miles long.

If you ask me, no matter how you state it, flip flops and sandals are truly great, and they will never go out of style.

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