Summer Themed Accessories

by Lori Sciame | May 8th, 2013 | Accessories

colorWhat better way to embrace summer than with a fresh array of themed accessories?  Common summer symbols, such as fish, shells, rainbows, and flowers can brighten up jewelry, purses, umbrellas, scarves, headbands, and much more.  Accessorizing is great, as a woman does not need to buy a new wardrobe to look fashionable in the current season.  From beach totes to necklaces, add objects and colors associated with summer to be on top of the fashion game this year.

Fantastic Fish

If you plan to head to the pool or beach, invest in a beach tote in the shape of a fish.  Your kids will love it, and you will certainly stand out in the crowd.  Or maybe a roomy, white tote with a school of neon orange fish on it is more your style? Check out the Bondi Beach Bag from India Hicks for $85.00.  Complete your new beach look with a dazzling towel, and people will surely notice.

Show Off a Few Shells

Another accessory that’s perfect for the season:  jewelry adorned with shells or in the actual shape of shells.  From necklaces to tiny earrings, shells added to jewelry says summer like nothing else. If you are adventurous, you might want to invest in shell jewelry for your feet.  Yacanna’s beaded/shell foot jewelry would look stunning at a wedding or even when walking barefoot on the beach.  Only $27.95 for a pair!

Rainbow Power

Rainbows exude a sense of hope and wonder.  Take advantage of those special feelings and invest in accessories that feature rainbows.  There are rainbow belts, scarves, hair ties, and umbrellas.  I especially like the totes stormbeater folding umbrella in dazzling rainbow colors for $18.99.  Even on dull and dreary summer days, this umbrella will add a dash of pizazz to any woman’s look.

Fabulous Flowers

Summer is synonymous with an explosion of flowers.  Capitalize on this with accessories that feature either bold or delicate blooms.  A sunflower pin on a woven hat would look awesome at an outdoor wine tasting, or a flower ring would look especially sweet when paired with a sun dress.  Finally, who can resist a real or faux flower tucked behind the ear while on a tropical vacation (or just wishing you were on a tropical vacation)? Check out this website for a gorgeous assortment of flowers for the hair. They have everything from orchids to gerber daisies at super cheap prices.  And if you are planning a wedding, they have color matching as well.

Fun in the Sun with Accessories

Accessorizing an outfit can be loads of fun in the summer.  No need to go out and buy lots of new clothes when you can add spice to an already existing wardrobe with themed accessories.  With the sheer amount of accessories available in stores and online, I’m sure you’ll find some themed items you will truly enjoy. An added benefit is that prices for most of the above items are so low, that if you end up losing any one of them, you won’t be out a bundle!


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