Sunburn Clothing Cure

by Sam P. | July 9th, 2013 | Teen Fashion

sunburnWe all know that sunburns are an inconvenience in the fashion department.  Half the time when I have one I don’t even want to put on clothing! It hurts way too much.  The trick to being able to go out in public with a burn is baggy clothing.  I know that the styles lately have been all tight clothing, but sometimes you have to stray from what everyone else is wearing, and wear what doesn’t hurt.

Running shorts.  Sure they aren’t overly fashionable, or attractive for that matter, but if your hips or thighs are burnt they sure are the comfiest things to wear.  Trust me, I’m wearing them right now.  Plus if you pair them with sneaks and a cami they look very sporty chic.

Jean shorts.  I know I sound crazy, but trust me.  If you have an old worn pair of jeans that are getting too short, they work perfectly as sunburn shorts.  Start off by chopping them above the knee, and then roll to the length you want and simply cut them off there.  If they are still too rough, you can use sand paper to soften them even more.  Wash them once or twice, and when you dry them, use extra fabric softener that won’t irritate your burn.

Baggy shirts.  Burnt shoulders and torsos are truly terrible.  And sometimes you cant handle straps.  Grab your oldest, softest sports bra and a worn loose shirt and settle in.

Dresses.  Cotton dresses are a true blessing to the sunburned.  They are soft and comfy, plus they tend to be loose so you burn will have minimal contact with clothing.

Gladiator sandals.  Occasionally we slip up and forget to block our feet.  When your feet burn, it is awful.  Luckily, gladiator sandals allow your feet to breathe and tend to be slightly loose, so there wont be anything rubbing against your burn.

Sadly, there is no true cure to get rid of a burn, but there are a few things that make it less painful.

Lotion with aloe.  Slather this stuff all over your burn, and I guarantee you will have be in less pain.  Plus, moisturizing will help avoid peeling.

Ice or cold water.  The trick to shortening your burn’s stay is to take the heat out of it.  Take cold showers, and when you are just chilling around watching TV lay bags of ice over your burns.

Vinegar.  It is very odd, but I have heard it numerous times.  Before you shower spray some vinegar onto your burns, and it will help pull out the sting.  It has even been rumored to turn you burn into a tan faster.

Just remember to always lather up.

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