Sweatpants and Teens

by Sam P. | December 26th, 2012 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

I love sweatpants. I don’t care what anyone thinks; they are comfy, and if you find they right fit they can be cute.  What I don’t like is when people wear them every day.  Like, no.  You look like a hobo who doesn’t own anything except slouchy pants that makes their butt look terrible.  No, I take that back.  Some people can pull off sweatpants, but it’s just incredibly hard.  I still say that you can only wear sweat pants once a week.  And they cannot be paired with fancy shirts.  Or tucked into boots.

My two favorite fits for sweatpants are the boyfriend and the cinched ankle.  I prefer the boyfriend on my lazy days when I really don’t feel like doing anything.  The baggy fit is incredibly comfortable, and they look great with a fitted, yet slouchy t-shirt.  Make sure when you buy them to not buy them in a size too big, because they are made too big already. If you buy a size bigger than usual, you will drown in them.  I have a pair of gray ones from Aeropostale that I love.

The best way to wear them is to tie the waist band, and then fold it over once.  This will give them a bit more shape and make your butt look better in them.  I find if you don’t do this, your butt can look saggy which is NOT attractive.  I usually wear a t-shirt that is slightly sheer and is fitted to balance out the bagginess of the sweatpants.

The cinched ankle sweatpants are also a great look.  They still have the beloved bigness, while having more structure than the boyfriend fit.  With these I don’t have to fold the waist band over, because they are slimmer, and because of the cinch around the ankle they can’t drag on the floor.  Again make sure you still buy the right size, because if you don’t, you may get a case of genie pants.  I call it that because it looks like that’s what you are wearing; giant baggy pants that cinch at your ankle.  With these you can pull off a giant sweatshirt easier, because they are a bit more fitted than the boyfriend.  Still don’t try pairing them with a fancy shirt, it doesn’t work.  Although, they can look cute with a plaid flannel shirt.

I also love yoga pants.  They aren’t technically sweatpants, but are still so comfy.  I also think they are more flattering.  I’m not sure what it is, but something in the spandex material makes everybody’s butt look great.  It smooths out any lumps that you want hidden, and makes your thighs and butt look more toned.

On my final note, the only shoes I find acceptable with these are flip-flops or sneakers.  Everybody tries tucking them into Uggs, but I don’t think it looks good.  For flip-flops, the basic cheap ones are fine.  Sneakers have a bit more wiggle room.  Running sneakers, Converse, DCs, or really any sneaker will work.  Just don’t wear high tops with the ankle cinch sweatpants, it just looks weird.

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