Swimsuit Trends Older Women Love

by Lori Sciame | April 10th, 2013 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

feetThis summer will be a great time to play with swimsuit trends, as there are fabulous styles to suit all body types.  Gone are the days when full figured women had to wear black, knee length suits!  Hot looks include colorful one pieces, two piece retro bikinis, and gorgeous skorts paired with full coverage tops.  If you’ve been shying away from the beach because you didn’t want to bother with an ugly suit, read on to learn more about how to look pretty at the beach, even if you are a certain age.

One Piece Power

One piece swimsuits don’t have to be dull.  Designers have gotten smart.  They now have suits that feature either the cleavage OR the leg.  Pick your best attribute, and show it off in a style that accentuates it.  For instance, a high cut leg opening can draw the eye to your skinny thighs, while drawing attention away from a thick middle. Or, a revealing neckline will take attention away from less than perfect legs.

Retro Suits

Many of us fondly remember Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon.  Didn’t she look cute in her boy short one piece?  Thank goodness, these styles have resurfaced this year. Even the young singing sensation, Taylor Swift,  has donned retro swimsuits.  The great thing is that these suits cover many problem areas while still looking trendy.

Sassy Skorts

Instead of lengthy skirts on the ugly black suits of yesteryear, wear a sassy skort in one of today’s eye popping colors, such as neon pink.  Pair the skort with a full coverage patterned top, any you’ll look fabulous.  The fun thing about this style is that you can mix and match tops and bottoms for a look that is uniquely yours.  If you have dark hair, you might want to wear bright red.  If you have silver hair, purple might be the color for you.  Play with mixing and matching until you feel beautiful.

Sage Advice

Half the battle with aging is losing one’s confidence.  Just because you may be past 40 or 50, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the pool or a beach.  Buy a new swimsuit, a great coverup, fun flip flops, some cool shades, and walk the beach with the same confidence you did when you were 20.  You’ll be surprised at how good you feel.

Also, if trying suits on at the store makes you uncomfortable, do what my friend did.  She ordered five suits from the Internet. Once they arrived, she tried them on in her own bedroom. She didn’t feel rushed, and she could make a decision slowly.  She told me it was a great way to buy a suit – even though she had to return the ones she didn’t want to the store.


The summer of 2013 promises to be a dazzling one in regards to swimsuit fashions.  Try one of the suits mentioned above, and get out and enjoy the sun and the water. (Just don’t forget a towel, water, and sunscreen!)

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