Take a Dive into Nautical Fashion

by Mackenzie M. | March 20th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

H&MThe spring season is in full swing in fashion retailers around the nation. While the winter color of the year was a rich blue black for men, spring is the marked reaction to the dark colors of winter. Retailers like J. Crew and H&M have started to send out their spring mailers this week, and to my surprise, this spring’s theme is anything but mundane. White jeans, coral canvas sneakers, and Danish sunglasses round out the decidedly nautical theme of this year’s spring trend. For women and men alike, at least a few pieces of this nautical trend should be worked into the wardrobe in the coming months.

Expensive white jeans for men are the latest item to be released. With a slimmer fit than a classic jean, cotton denim is the ‘must-have’ pant beginning in April. While they say not to wear white after Labor Day, the summer season in its full white glory is quickly approaching. While J. Crew often presents nautical themes in their clothing, this season the retailer has started with the cotton jean and built a wardrobe from there. White jeans at J. Crew sell for about $155, but can be found at other retailers in similar fits for a lesser price. Be mindful of the fit though, as white jeans can either look very good, or very bad if too baggy.

In several retailers, Vans authentic washed canvas sneakers have also hit the shelves. These sneakers come in bright coral, beaming blue, and sea foam green variations. Conveniently, the sneakers perfectly compliment a pair of white jeans and are great for a day out on the ocean. While the shoes are priced at a high of $60 at J. Crew, H&M is offering similar shoes for a fraction of the price; however, be careful of the cheaper canvas shoes, as they tend to wear out within a month or so if worn on a regular basis.

As for the top half, pocket tees with thick horizontal stripes are a necessity for this spring and summer. The thin stripes of the past few seasons are being phased out and replaced with bold and colorful thick stripes across the upper body. These designs are inspired by vintage California surf wear, and they are designed to highlight the chest and arms. The colors are again a bold coral, green, and blue variation. When choosing a shirt for this season, go for the bold and bright colors. Stripes across the front and even a pocket are a plus. T-shirts can be found for higher prices at J. Crew, but for a fraction of the price at H&M and Cotton On in western and southern locations.

Finally, the perfect sunglasses for this summer are a Danish model known as the Han Kjobenhavn. Made in Denmark and renowned for their design, these sunglasses come in a crisp brown color and fit in perfectly with a nautical theme.

Remember, the trends of the season can be purchased at a variety of stores, so always shop around for the best deals!

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