Teen Essentials: Converse/Vans

by Sam P. | December 16th, 2014 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

girl in converse (400x399)Every teen needs a pair of comfy, casual sneakers that they can wear with almost anything.  Whether you get converse or vans is your opinion, personally I prefer Converse, but to each their own.  The best thing about Converse is that they look good with anything.  They look great with jeans and a t-shirt, but they look just as good with a floral baby doll dress.  They are also incredibly comfy.  You can run across your school from class to class without twisting an ankle or getting a blister.

Of course, actually Converse can be on the expensive side.  I usually buy knock off ones that look the same, but for a smaller price.  If you want the real deal, JC Penney has them for less than if you buy them from the actual Converse store typically.  You can find them at Target, Kohls, or most other big chain stores.

Same goes with Vans, if you want the real deal they can be found at Famous Footwear or at the Vans store itself.  You can buy knock offs at stores as well.  Payless Shoe Store is my favorite place to buy knock off Vans, or Converse.

Two totally cute outfits that I love to wear Converse with are on the complete opposite ends of the style spectrum.  The first is a comfy day outfit.  Leggings are fine, but when I go lazy, I go all out.  I absolutely love my sweatpants from Pink.  They are so comfy and are a slimmer fit with a bunch at the ankle so they don’t look overly bummy.  With a more fitted t-shirt to counteract the looser sweat pants I am so comfy.  With a zip up hoodie you will be ready for a long day of finals.

I also love to wear converse with a dress that I got from American Eagle.  It is a floral print and is fitted in the bust area.  It flows out around my waist and hips to create even more of an hourglass figure. I wear it with a bomber jacket I got from Aeropostale years ago.

These sneakers look great with about any outfit you can think of; last year a girl even wore a pair to prom, and they can be found for a decent price.  They aren’t always the least expensive sneaker, especially if you buy the real ones, but they are worth the price because I promise you will wear them with everything.

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