Teen Fashion Essentials

by Sam P. | November 17th, 2016 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

skinny jeans and boots (400x400)The three fashion essentials that will be highlighted today are the basic blazer, skinny jeans, and boots.  All three of these are necessary items to be storing in your closet.  They can all be worn in multiple ways, and are the base to all of your outfits.  In a sense they will add structure to your wardrobe and will help immensely when you have no idea what to wear and need to leave in five minutes.

To start, the blazer.  Now it doesn’t necessarily have to be a blazer, it can be a leather jacket, a moto jacket, or any type of jacket you like that is versatile enough to wear anywhere.  A great place if you want a basic black blazer is Kohls.  Their juniors section has a couple different ones to choose from, all fairly affordable and incredibly cute.  I prefer my blazers in black, and I specifically like one of the ones from Kohls that has the three quarter length cuffed sleeves.  Blazers are great for everyday wear, but also for more formal attire.  A great go to outfit on a day you’re running late would actually be skinny jeans with a tank top or cami and a blazer on top.  It is comfy and casual enough to wear to school, but also dressy enough to wear out if you need to.

Skinny jeans are a necessary item in every teenage girl’s closet.  They look great on everyone and are surprisingly comfortable.  My favorite place to buy jeans is American Eagle Outfitters.  They have all different types of skinny jeans, and all different types of washes.  In my opinion, every girl needs a pair of both light wash and dark wash skinny jeans, and a pair of either colored, black, or gray jeans, plus a pair of ripped jeans.  High-waisted jeans are an option as well.  This way you have enough jeans to get you through the week, and have multiple different types of jeans without having twenty pairs.  Since every pair is different it will seem like you have far more than you do.  This way you can have diversity in your jeans without breaking the bank.

Lastly, we have boots.  Every girl needs her pair of go-to boots. Sure you have your sneakers, or your Sperry’s, or your moccasins, but nothing beats a good pair of boots.  My go-to pair is an old beat down pair of combat boots I got from TJ Maxx.  Some people prefer Uggs, some prefer heeled ankle booties, and some prefer riding boots, but me, I like my combat boots.  There are highs and lows to all boots.  Sure my combat boots are versatile and comfy, but they toughen up every outfit I wear.  Three great places to look when finding your signature pair of boots are TJ Maxx, DSW, and Payless.  You can find your favorite go-to shoes at any of these places and at great prices.

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