Teen Fashion – Ballet Flats

by Sam P. | October 6th, 2016 | Shoes, Teen Fashion

flats (400x400)Ballet flats are cute and comfy shoes that have been in style for the past few years.  They are great because they are versatile and can typically be found for fairly inexpensive amounts.  They work very well for almost any occasion and with almost any outfit.  I like pairing them with both jean and skirts.  Another fantastic thing about ballet flats is how many styles they come in.  There is the traditional black ballet flat, but they come in all different colors and styles.  I have a very cute pair of gray flats with bows on them, along with a pair of hot pink ones.

While many high end stores like Nordstrom sell great ballet flats, you can find just as good ones for far cheaper elsewhere.  One sure fire place to almost always find ballet flats for a great price is at Payless Shoes, I typically can find flats there for twenty to thirty dollars for a pair, if not less when they are on sale.  They come in all different varieties here, in fact. all three pairs of ballet flats I have came from Payless.

Another fabulous store for ballet flats is H&M.  I usually don’t think of this store often, probably because there aren’t any in the malls close by me, but I wish there were because they have fabulous prices.  Typically a pair of quality ballet flats goes for around fifteen dollars there, which is quite the bargain.  You can often get them for as cheap as ten if they are on sale or you have coupons.

Target is also great for shoes, specifically ballet flats.  They always have what is in fashion and for a great price.  Ballet flats go for about twenty to thirty dollars there and you can typically find them in several different styles.

Lastly, DSW, or Designer Shoe Warehouse, can be a good bet.  It is the riskiest though, as they do not always have what you are looking for, and out of all four stores they tend to be the priciest.  But if you are looking for a designer name, this is the place to go.  They will be significantly cheaper than buying directly from the designer, but I don’t see the need to buy designer flats.

My absolute favorite thing about ballet flats is how small they are.  They are perfect for days when you are wearing sky high heels and don’t want to drive in them.  Simply slip a pair of ballet flats in your purse for driving.  They are also great if you work in an office where you have to walk far to get from your car to the building, or a school where you have to walk from building to building, walk in the flats and simply slip on the heels right before you walk in and hide your flats away in your bag.

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