Teen Fashion Essential: Light Spring Jacket

by Sam P. | April 7th, 2015 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

girl khaki jacket (400x400)Now that spring is finally here, it is about time we break out our spring wardrobe.  But if you live in a place similar to New Hampshire, you know that occasionally Mother Nature gets mad and snows even though it was just fifty degrees out the day before.  This being said, it is always a good idea to have a jacket with you in case you get caught in a situation like this.

For some reason, I absolutely adore khaki colored jackets.  They go with nearly everything, they look comfortable, and they’re super cute.  They tend to have decent structure to them so they won’t just hang off you like a sack, but they aren’t stiff either.  Many of them even have drawstrings at your waist so you can enhance your figure a bit.  You can find them with and without hoods, depending on your preference.  Three quarter length sleeves can be found as well, but I would shy away from them.  If you wear long sleeves you don’t want your sleeves sticking out.  Plus if you are short like me, three quarter length sleeves tend to just look like your sleeves are slightly too short for you and then you end up looking frumpy.

Jean jackets are another fabulous investment.  They, as well, can be paired with most everything, and once again come in many shapes and styles.  From crop top to long sleeve, and acid wash to dark blue there are many different styles.  I personally like a long sleeve jacket in a medium to light denim shade, crop or not depends on the outfit.  Of course, when in doubt, always go full length because you can wear a full length jacket with every thing, you can’t wear a cropped jacket with everything, though.

Another one of my favorite jacket looks is the jean jacket sweatshirt cross over.  It is a jean jacket tank top body, with sweat shirt sleeves and a hood.  Out of all three options it is by far the most casual, but it is also the comfiest.  It will probably be most likely to keep you warm because the sweatshirt sleeves area bit thicker and will be more fitted, as well.  I like this one because it works with a lot of things and it is comfy, but it is probably the least versatile because it is so casual.  Out of all three options the first two would work far better with a cute spring dress than this one.

You can find all three of these jackets for referencing and buying at stores like Macy’s.  American Eagle carries them, as well.

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