Teen Fashion – Fall 2014 Accessories

by Sam P. | August 26th, 2014 | Accessories, Teen Fashion

girl in fedora (400x400)Fall is right around the corner, and that means not only do our closets have to change, but so do our accessories.  In the midst of fall, bright pink bracelets may stand out a bit.  Simple things like stackable rings can stay, and statement necklaces that aren’t of bright summer colors, but many things we do need to change.

One of the things that will really be in fashion this season is hats and headbands.  For hats, knit beanies in warm fall colors like burgundy are great.  Fedoras are also a great hat this season, in colors like gray and cream.  If you are looking for warmth I would suggest the beanie.  For the headbands, thin headbands are the way to go.  A thin gold headband with a small bow would be absolutely adorable, as would a simple thin one in a fall color with out anything on it.  Simplicity can often be the most difficult thing to pull of, and a plain yet colorful headband should work.

Scarves are once again in fashion this fall.  To be honest I’m not sure if they ever won’t be.  They add a bright pop of color and fun to a simple outfit of leggings and an oversized sweater.  If you like, you can even use a thinner scarf as a headband.  Wrap it around your head in a fashionable way and then tie it off underneath, tuck the ends under and you are all set.

Large stackable rings are another favorite.  Wear as many or as few as you like.  Usually, I stack the thinner ones, two or three at a time, and then wear larger rings on other fingers.  A few knuckle rings can be worked in as well.  Ring bracelets are also a great pick this fall.  They are a bracelet connected to a ring with a few strands of the material that the ring and bracelet are made of.  I have seen ones in both gold and silver, and of different sizes.  Sometimes the bracelets are much thinner, and other times they are thick bands.  The same goes for the rings, they are usually a thin and simple ring, but other times they can be thicker with intricate patterns on them.

Lastly are necklaces.  Large statement necklaces are still certainly in style, but you usually wouldn’t wear them with a sweater.  Keep these for the days that you dress up.  They also pair better with something that has a lower neckline.  For your sweaters, wear a long dangly necklace.  A long, thin chain with the charm of your choice is perfect for this fall.  Some of my favorites that I have seen are turtles, owls, and just random shapes.

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