Teen Fashion: Rings

by Sam P. | October 20th, 2016 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

teen rings (400x400)

Lately I have been absolutely obsessed with rings.  And not just “Oh, I love rings! They’re so pretty, but OMG I need to get to the mall now to buy more rings!” Usually I don’t bother with buying jewelry since it tends to be far too expensive for what you’re getting out of it, but lately it’s all I buy.  And my secret is one store in specific – Forever 21.

Forever 21 has been one of my favorite stores for quite some time, probably because everything in general is so inexpensive, my friend got her homecoming dress from there for thirteen dollars, but lately it’s the first place I go in the mall.  I run right over to the jewelry section and check out all the pretty new rings.  Last time I went I got about fifteen or twenty rings for ten dollars, without any sales or discounts.  Usually you can buy rings in packs of two or three, on occasion just one single one, but they also come in packs as big as ten or so.  Usually the larger packs are a mix of stackable rings and knuckle rings.

There are also larger rings, too.  I have some thick bands, a cross, this weird indescribable shape that is quite interesting, and many more.  Another type of ring that they almost always have, but I have yet to buy are the rings that are connected to a bracelet.  Those are the more expensive types of rings, but it’s worth it depending on the one you buy.

The only downside to the rings here is that you do get what you buy, this means they may break on occasion and some will leave your fingers green.  I used to have a knuckle ring that had a mustache on it and I accidentally hit it and the mustache broke off.  Now I wear just the band on my pinky finger.  Also, it is quite simple to fix for the green band, before you even wear them once put a clear top coat over your rings.  Not only will this keep them shiny, it will also keep the silver paint from wearing away and letting the ring oxidize, which will turn your finger green.

Whether the rings can sometimes be cheap quality or not, I still love the rings from Forever 21.  They probably have the least expensive jewelry you can find and all of their jewelry is very cute.

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