Teen Little Black Dresses

by Sam P. | February 19th, 2013 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

dressThe little black dress is by far my favorite attire for any occasion that you need to be more dressed up for.  My favorite thing about it is that it is so versatile.  You can wear it with pearls and heels or flats and a jean jacket.  There are also so many different versions of it.  There is the basic short strapless black dress, but you can also wear a halter version, a high low version, or even the basic one with black lace over it.  My favorite kind is the basic black dress with lace.

You can also go for more coverage and have it be longer, or you can go a bit sexier and wear a short, but not slutty length, dress with a laced up back.  I love it when dresses have intricate backs, whether it’s lace or laced up or even with cut outs!

For now let’s just take the any black dress and make it more casual, maybe even school appropriate.  I would pair it with black flats, a jean jacket (white looks so chic), and a black headband.  Curly hair would just top off the look.  Maybe a couple long dangly necklaces and a chunky metallic bracelet.

If you want to dress it up for a more sophisticated look, you can wear any form of the dress you like, and match it with a pair of black pumps and a pearl necklace.  If you like, you can wear a sheer black shawl over it.

To make it a preppy look, match it with a pair of patterned tights, preferably plaid, and a cardigan of your preferred color.  Pair this with flats and a sleek ponytail.

You can also go more rocker and pair it with lace or fishnet tights and a leather jacket.  If you have one that is studded, that will work. Black heeled ankle booties or combat boots finish the look perfectly.

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