Teens: Leather

by Sam P. | March 5th, 2013 | Teen Fashion

bootsIf you are just going to school or to the mall, leather pants are not acceptable. Now that we have covered that, I can tell you all the things I love about leather.  The biggest thing is how versatile it is.  You can wear it in one outfit (say it’s a leather jacket) and with the right pants and shoes be totally rocker chic, and then completely spin it around with a summery dress and be very cute, flirty, and feminine.  You can also have different colors.  I like the basic black or brown the most, but some clothing lines are coming out with other colors, including yellows and reds.  I think it all depends on the outfit.  Black will practically always work, and when black doesn’t, brown will.

You can also go even deeper into detail with studs, zippers, and ripping.  Usually you won’t find a ripped leather jacket, but you may find it with cut outs that have mesh or lace covering the openings.  I’m not a huge fan of this, but to each his own.  Or more correctly her own.  As for studs, I am a huge fan if they are done nicely.  I like it when the jacket has a fold over collar that comes down onto the chest.  The inside of the fold that faces outwards with studs is very acceptable in my opinion.  Along with studs on the shoulders.  I just don’t like it when the jacket has studs all down the sleeves or covering the whole thing.  To me, that’s just tacky.  And don’t wear studs on a brown leather jacket; it just doesn’t work.

Zippers.  Obviously most leather jackets have a zipper up the pocket, but one of the things I love the most is when the zipper is diagonal or off to the side.  Zippered pockets can also look very cute.  Again just don’t have excessive zippers all over the place.

On a different topic, leather boots. I love leather boots.  My main rule is if you like them, go for them.  Just don’t wear ones that have a heel over say four inches, and boots that come up over the knee cap are not acceptable.  Honestly, unless you are going clubbing or something like that, it looks slutty.  Same with a heel over four inches.

Keeping within these guidelines you can go crazy.  And mix it up.  Remember when you wear leather it doesn’t all have to be so rough and rocker looking; you can wear it with something really feminine to soften the edge.  And you don’t always have to wear the black leather jacket. You can wear also brown, that will take the edge off of leather a little.

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