Terrific Trends for Older Women

by Lori Sciame | November 22nd, 2012 | Women's Fashion

Age is no excuse for being out of fashion. This is because many of today’s clothing trends work beautifully for older women.  A few of these fashion finds include flowing tops, scarves, gloves, and faux fur.  A woman who has embraced the years gracefully, and who wants to look her best while making a style statement, should investigate these body-loving trends for fall 2012.

Flowing Tops

Thank goodness clothing designers and manufacturers have embraced the trend of flowing, almost ethereal tops.  Loose cardigans, capes, and pullovers all complement a frame that may not have the smallest middle while usually having a fuller bust line.  Instead of hugging a woman in all the wrong places, these tops move over her curves with ease.  Adding a chunky necklace will further enhance this spectacular look.


Since scarves come in all fabrics and colors, every woman should own several of them.  Not only do scarves camouflage neck wrinkles, they also help to disguise a sagging jawline.  Invest in both solid colors and patterns, then pair them with simple sweaters for an awesome look.  And added bonus is the fact that scarves can be tied in multiple ways, further enhancing their versatility.


Most older women in America probably remember wearing white gloves as a child.  These were part of a little girl’s dressy attire.  Now that she has grown up, a mature woman can again take advantage of wearing gloves; however, the gloves of today come in stunning colors and fabrics.  No longer a little girl, a woman can make a dramatic entrance at a holiday party with leather opera gloves.  The added bonus is that gloves can hide less than perfect skin.  (Not that any woman should be ashamed of the lines caused by life on her hands, but on special occasions she may wish to forget about them for a few hours).

Faux Furs

Faux furs will probably also remind an older woman of her childhood.  Years ago, coats for little girls made of black or brown fake fur were all the rage.  Back again, this style has grown up just like the girls who used to wear them.  Now available in a variety of daring colors, from midnight blue to fuschia, faux furs keep any woman warm and cozy.  Although they may not hide any specific body imperfection, they make up for that by being a comfortable dream to wear.

Trends for Everyone

Every woman deserves to be in style and to feel good about  herself.  Today’s trendy pieces, including flowing tops, scarves, gloves, and faux furs, allow any woman to look like a million dollars. Invest in one or all of these trends for an immediate style boost.

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