Thanksgiving Attire

by Sam P. | November 26th, 2013 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

sweaterThanksgiving isn’t often a holiday that calls for fancy attire, but it just doesn’t seem right to show up in your oldest shirt and sweats.  The trick to your perfect Thanksgiving outfit is finding one nice piece that you want to wear and pairing it with casual everything else.

For girls, a nice sweater or blouse paired with some old blue jeans is a perfect example.  Pair it with a moto jacket or blazer and boots and its dressy casual with an edge.  My favorite outfit is my light wash jeans with a few rips in them, and an oxford with my gray V-neck sweater over it.  I tend to not wear a jacket with it since its already layered, but layering on a couple statement necklaces pulls the outfit together nicely.

A girlier girl can always opt for a cute skirt.  A cute tube skirt with a casual tee over it is super cute.  Pair it with a cardigan and some ankle booties and your all set.  Go light on the jewelry though as the outfit already is fairly dressy.  If you opt for a maxi or high low skirt, make sure your top is tighter.  A flowy skirt with a flowy top is very maternity and unflattering on a girl in her teens or twenties.  With a skirt, my favorite outfit has to do with this super cute leather skirt I am getting for Christmas (my stepmom got it while I was out with her and told me to forget she ever bought it).  It is pleated and high-waisted.  It goes down to lower mid thigh.  I think is looks absolutely adorable with a flowy army green shirt tucked in.  With gray patterned tight and ankle booties it is absolutely perfect.

Guys on the other hand have it quite easy.  A pair of khakis with a Henley works very well.  Throw on a pair of top siders and you’re ready to walk out the door.  Khakis also work with a button down or a sweater.  If you’re feeling a little chilly and button down with a sweater over it is a nice look.  You don’t have to wear khakis though; a nice pair of jeans work just fine.  If you go with jeans though, your top should definitely be either a sweater or a button down.

It always gets tough if you are doing family pictures that day.  If so, guys should definitely wear khakis and, it sounds odd, but girls should probably wear jeans or pants.  As girls, we all know that skirts are cute to wear, but aren’t always the most flattering to be photographed in.  Plus you don’t want to accidentally flash the photographer getting into position.  Lastly, make sure everyone in the picture is in the same  color scheme.  Don’t have everyone in the exact same color, but make sure they are all complimentary.  If you rate wearing cool colors, everyone wears cool colors.  Cool colors, gray and blue specifically, tend to be the most flattering on everyone.

  1. Thanks Sam for sharing your views about different outfits for thanks giving day. I’m looking for some gorgeous attire for thanks giving day. I’m enjoying in go through your post. Thanks again and keep posting like this.

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