The 3 W’s of Accessories

by Lori Sciame | May 16th, 2014 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

ladies watch (400x400)To some, it may seem as if nothing ever changes concerning women’s fashion accessories.  Why, a woman may think, should I investigate all the accessory world has to offer if nothing will feel fresh and new?

It may not seem like it, but just like clothing and shoes, exciting, trendy accessories make their triumphant debut each season. It’s true!  And what’s best is that these seasonally rejuvenated accessories can amp up the style quotient of any outfit with ease.

So, instead of relying on accessories like a bad habit, vow to learn about what’s new this season. For instance, this spring is abuzz with the 3 W’s.

The first “W” of spring 2014 is the wristlet.  Not quite a purse, but not merely a wallet either, the wristlet works perfectly for woman on the go.  About the size of a business envelope, it has a zippered closure that runs its entire length, with a skinny loop at the end – perfect for dangling seductively from the wrist.

The wristlet works well for a night out at the dance club or even for a quick trip to a farmer’s market.  Depending on its color and style, it can be used both in an office setting or at the beach. Plus, it holds everything a woman needs, yet it won’t weigh her down with unnecessary baggage.

After you purchase your first wristlet, I challenge you NOT to smile when using it.  It’s that much of a feel good piece!

The second “W” is the hard case wallet.  Unlike more expensive leather wallets, the hard case variety features bold, colorful patterns or interesting pictures and/or quotes on fabric (or other man made material).  The fact that the hard case wallet costs so little, makes it possible to purchase several – one for each of your different moods.

These new age wallets feature hinged closures, and they have plenty of room for credit cards, an ID, and money.

Similar to the wristlet, hard case wallets portray an image of fun and of youthfulness.  The best thing, however, is that a woman of any age can take advantage of this new type of wallet.

The final “W” is the revamped watch.  If you haven’t taken the time to become acquainted with spring 2014 watches, then you are missing out on one of today’s hottest fashion accessories.

No longer does a woman have to be a slave to either a silver or gold stretch band Timex.  The watches of today offer so much more vibrancy to the fashion arena.  Sure, they still keep you abreast of the time of day, yet they also add a dash to spice to an ensemble for work or play.

For instance, watch bands in 2014 are thick, thin, or anywhere in between. They can also be made of two materials, such as leather AND metal, and they may even feature one bold neon color or several muted colors.  Another bonus: they cost much much less than one might think.




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