The Argument Against Sweatpants

by Jacob Parzych | March 13th, 2014 | Men's Shopping

sweatpants (400x400)As a high school athlete, I have worn my fair share of sweatpants.  As a wrestler, I spent the majority of my Saturdays wearing them over my singlet while waiting for my next match or warming up.  With that said, I absolutely hate wearing sweatpants in public.  If you wear sweatpants in public, you might as well put on a sign that says “I have given up on looking good.”

I understand that they are comfortable and easy to wear, but you look like a shapeless blob when you wear them.  Thus, I thought I would compile a basic list of where you can and cannot wear sweatpants.

Where you can wear sweatpants:

  • In your house.  Hey, it’s your house, so do whatever you want.  They’re basically pajamas anyway, so who am I to say you can’t wear them in your house.
  • At sporting events.  But this is only if you are competing.  If you are a spectator, don’t even think about it.  You look like you wish you were a competitor.
  • When you are working out.  I totally understand wearing them when you work out.  If you need to make yourself sweat more or are just cold, they are a great option.  Wind pants work too, but the noise they make can be very annoying.

When you can’t wear sweatpants:

  • Everywhere else.  Thank you very much.

Now, I understand that this can be a massive inconvenience, but there are other options.  Personally, I believe that wind pants are a better alternative. Unlike sweatpants, they at least have a general shape to them.  Just like women can wear Yoga pants, wind pants and fitted athletic pants (sweatpants-like, but fitted) are much better options.  Still, attempt to use them sparingly.

If you are concerned about your self-image in any way whatsoever, don’t wear sweatpants.  Thank you very much.  That is all.

(Photo courtesy of Robert Linder)



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