The Art of Cleaning of Your Shirts

by Jacob Parzych | June 5th, 2014 | Men's Shopping

dress shirtThere is really an art to laundering dress shirts.  A poorly laundered dress shirt gives off a bad look, can be messy, and is not what you want to be associated with.  However, properly cleaning your clothing is a legitimate challenge, even for men who are extremely well versed in the ways of the well-dressed man.  However, there are some tricks to making it easier to launder your clothes.

  1. Don’t wash your shirts every time you wear them. While this should seem like common sense, many men don’t follow it.  Barring any spillage, excessive sweat, or other issues, just hang the shirt up for another wearing.  If it is a little wrinkled or worn, wear with a tie next time.  Washing your shirts every time they are worn destroys the fabric and limits your wardrobe.
  2. Always iron your dress shirts. An ironed shirt looks good, an un-ironed looks bad.  It’s that simple. If you are going to take the time to wash a shirt, iron it too.  It looks better.  However, if there are stains, DO NOT IRON IT.  This will set the stain and ruin your shirt.  If it’s stained, wash it first.  Also, for more ironing advice, look here.
  3. Starching is optional, but looks good. I wouldn’t recommend doing it every time you iron the shirt, because you cut down on the life of the shirt, but otherwise it is a good idea.  You look good with a starched shirt and it can set you apart from everyone else.  If it’s good for the military, it’s probably good for you.  Don’t overdo the starch though, this makes you look flaky (literally, you shed flakes).
  4. Dry clean all of your shirts now and then. This will help you maintain a long lasting collection of shirts and keep them looking good.  If you have an upcoming event that you need to look great for, get the shirt dry-cleaned and starched.  This will look better than anything else you can concoct, I assure you of that.  Also, it’s one less thing for you to handle!
  5. Phase out your old shirts. I really don’t care how well you care for your shirts, if there is a rip, hole, or permanent stain, you look moronic wearing that shirt.  Take it off and throw it out now.  Look like a pro.

A clean, well laundered shirt will take you places.  It makes an impression that matters, so heed this friendly advice.  Don’t clean your shirts too often, but always iron!


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