The Cutest Casual Tops for This Winter

by Sam P. | October 20th, 2015 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

blouses (400x400)OK, so I love blouses, but now I love them even more.  Tie blouses have become extremely popular for this winter and I am so excited about it (I call them tie blouses, but it is really more of a bow).  They are cute, comfy, and casual, while still being work appropriate and sophisticated.  You can wear them however you like and they will look great.  Plus, they come in different styles and colors.

You can wear a tie blouse with a skirt for a fancier look.  While I was at Kohl’s I saw a mannequin dressed in a mid-thigh skater skirt that had a tie at the waist paired with a tie shirt and my goodness it was the cutest outfit I had ever seen.  It sounds odd, as though it wouldn’t look good, but it looked amazing.  It was from the Lauren Conrad collection and it automatically made me want to buy everything in that line.

If you want to go more casual wear it with jeans and Keds for a comfy but stylish feel.  The top keeps you sophisticated, but the jeans and casual shoes give it a Friday night feel.  If you want to dress it up a bit more heeled ankle booties would look fabulous.  Leggings are also acceptable.  Not yoga pants, leggings.

My favorite thing about this type of shirt is how many styles there are.  From whites and creams, to blacks and grays, to peaches and plums you can literally find this type of shirt in any color.  And the best thing is that it looks great in all of them.  You could wear a gray top with plum pants and cream wedges and look bomb, but you could also wear a peach top with a black or navy skirt and tan ankle boots and look just as good.  The shirt is versatile and flattering on everyone.  Because of its loose fit, it doesn’t cling to any problem areas, but it has enough structure that it doesn’t look frumpy.  It hugs your chest enough to show off your feminine features, while smoothing over your tummy.

You can get the shirt with ruffles down the front for a more fun look, or one with a really long and loose bow tie.  Or go with a plain top with a short and tight bow tie.  There are endless possibilities.

As I already said you can get these at Kohls, but you can find them at any retail store, Macy’s, JC Penney, anywhere.  Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and stores like TJ Maxx also carry them, as well.  I highly suggest getting one for this winter.

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