The Dos and Don’ts of Career Fashion

by Anna P. | October 22nd, 2014 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

office (400x400)There are so many fashion rules about what to wear and what not to wear. The rules extend to almost every aspect of fashion including seasons, casual, dressy, and work.  Although most fashion rules were made to be broken or ignored, there are still a few things you should follow as a rule of thumb. To simplify that process for you, we compiled a small list of fashion do’s and fashion Don’ts for the office. These rules are essentially guidelines as to what you should wear and how to wear. These rules were not designed to limit, but to help you decide what is appropriate.  Enjoy!

Do try to embrace trends as long as they look good and flatter your body. The best trends for the office, including leopard print, peplum anything, and some jumpsuits. Always weigh trends very carefully. When in doubt, try to wear the trend as an accessory or shoe.

Don’t ignore the workplace dress code and don’t forget to keep it classy, even if your workplace has a lenient dress code. Leggings are never acceptable to any office.

Do play up your best features! If you’ve got lean and well-toned shoulders, play up your look with a sleeveless shell or blouse. If you’ve got a curvy figure, try wearing a pretty peplum blouse with a high-waisted skirt.

Don’t forget to invest in a well-made coat for the office. Go for a classic like a black or a brown solid trench coat or opt for a pretty pea coat in a fun color such as red or eggplant. Don’t buy a trendy but cheap style; always go for a style that will last you for years to come.

Do wear jewelry. Try to stock up your jewelry box with a pair of pearl earrings, diamond earring, a gemstone necklace, and a cameo necklace. Last, but certainly not least, have a few sets of bangles on hand. Gold or silver are classic, but there is nothing wrong with more on-trend styles.

Don’t wear shoes that are uncomfortable! If you must wear heels or pumps, try to limit your work shoe collection to two or three inches. Save the four inch styles for the evening. Don’t forget to buy gel inserts or other shoe products if needed. Comfort is key.

Do invest in a couple of fun and feminine dresses. Try to get a couple styles each season. You can’t go wrong with a shapely shift dress. This seasonless style needs very little. Pair it up with kitten heels and a light jacket for summer; wear it with a cool, crisp blazer and bold flats for winter.

Don’t limit your wardrobe to predictable, goes-with-anything hues like white, black, brown, or gray. Add color! Red is a pretty color that goes with many other colors. Other hues worth considering include coral, lavendar, purple, soft pink, and dark green. You can also spice up your look with accessories in cool hues.

Do switch up blazers with light weight cardigans. This gives your look a hint of effortlessly preppy cool.

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