The Fairy of Flowers

by Michele | February 16th, 2008 | Home Shopping

Recently, a friend of mine was invited to a very special dance.  A suit and tie sort of occasion that only the luckiest of men get to attend.  Not only was he lucky to be invited, he was going to have the honor of accompanying two beautiful females!wrist corsage

The dance of which I am writing is none other than the Girl Scouts Father-Daughter Dance.  With 10 and 11 year old dance partners, this was going to be a big night.  The girls were excited to wear pretty dresses and choose Dad’s tie.  Unbeknownst to them, Dad had even more excitement in store for them.

On Friday, Dad went to Flowers on the Hill and ordered a corsage for each girl.  The owner told him that many dads were placing orders for this special occasion and that his flowers would be ready the next day.

Head forward to Saturday.  Being the weekend and in a house with 4 children, life is busy:  a birthday breakfast for one of the dance attendees, small work projects, and weekend errands.  At 1:30, as the florist was closing, Dad received a call on his cell phone, reminding him that his corsages were ready.  Unfortunately, he was 30 minutes away with his 2 sons.  The owner generously offered to wait a little bit, but being in the middle of an errand, Dad couldn’t be there in less than an hour.

At this point, there could have been a small crisis for Dad.  However, the owner was gracious and generous.  She offered to leave the corsages at the counter of the neighboring convenient store for Dad to retrieve when he arrived.  Dad gratefully accepted the offer, finished his errand, and picked up the corsages.

Of course, the flowers were beautiful.  Almost as beautiful as the two girls who proudly wore them on their wrists.  The girls were excited not only to spend an evening with their dad but they were thrilled to be given such wonderful corsages.

While leaving corsages for a customer at a neighboring store might seem like a small action, it was huge in Dad’s eyes.  Not only did the owner of Flowers on the Hill provide beautiful flowers, she went above and beyond her job to make someone else’s day better.  For this reason, she is now considered the fairy of flowers at Dad’s house!

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