THE Fall Accessory x Two

by Lori Sciame | August 28th, 2013 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

sequin_clutchThis fall’s accessories for women have created excitement already.  From daringly unique stud earrings, to petite box clutches for a memorable night on the town, these new takes on two women’s essential accessories have those who follow fashion full of anticipation.  In essence, nothing in the fashion world of 2013 can be called ordinary, especially now that designers realize that women have unique personalities, instead of making one size fit all! Read this post to find out more about this fall’s two hottest accessories.

A New Take on the Stud

Millions of women were introduced to their first stud early in life.  Well, their first gold stud earring that is!  Remember going to have your ears pierced at a local mall, with the only choice of your first pair of earrings being different sized gold studs?  In 2013, these workhorses of the piercing world have grown up. Studs are now offered in complementary styles. For instance, one ear may showcase LO, while the other ear holds the letters VE.  Other choices available include a tiny arrow for one lobe, and an equally tiny, but oh so sweet, heart for the other ear.

Earpiercing.biz agrees that today’s studs are hot, yet wearable. They state on their website, “studs are certainly the most popular earrings for everyday wear. At school, in college, in the office, on the go, and even at the gym, they are not only practical, but also beautiful. Just as last year, a continuation of the trend can be expected that combinations of top-quality materials will prevail, such as 14 or 18 karat gold with pearls or with diamonds. Shapes and sizes may vary.”

Box Clutches = Art in Motion

In addition to the grown-up stud earring, box clutches have captivated the creativity of fashion designers across the globe.  These purses, which many times look more like pieces of art, accent an evening outfit beautifully.  Think of box clutches as structured, sturdy purses, yet being elegant beyond words.  Elle Magazine touts the beauty of this accessory in their July, 2013 online publication. Editor’s rave, “take a cue from Paris and tote a compact cutie—whether ornate and extravagant or a simple basic.”

However, what Elle fails to say is that this accessory is no longer just for the rich and famous, as box clutches can be found in all price ranges.  For a gorgeous example of a reasonably priced box clutch, check out Target’s Blossom Small Sequin Clutch in silver for only $29.99. The good news is that other department stores offer cute versions as well.

Fall Fashion Frenzy

While summer may be light-hearted and breezy when it comes to fashion, in the fall things turn to the seriously chic.  To be part of what’s new and hot for the upcoming season, make sure to invest in several pair of fashionable stud earrings and find a box clutch to suit your personal taste.  Being fashion forward has never been easier than in the fall of 2013!

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