The Importance of Clean Earrings

by Sam P. | March 10th, 2015 | Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion

woman earring (400x400)Now, I hardly ever wear earrings, but every now and again I wear them.  And of course, like everyone else, I have spurts of time where I wear earrings all the time because I forget to take them out, but then I take them out one night and forget to put them back in. Earrings can be tricky, not only figuring out how big you want your pair to be; dangly, studs, hoops — there’s so much to choose from.  But the most important thing about earrings is not the style, but the type of metals you are using and whether or not you are keeping them clean.

Our ears are very sensitive, not necessarily to pain, but to infection.  This is not true for all ears, but the majority of the population that wear earrings need the “sensitive solution” earrings, and that does not even work for all.  If you are like me and your ears tend to get itchy and red, and even sometimes hurt, after wearing earrings for just one day, then you probably need to be more cautious of what types of earrings you buy.  Always try to buy the sensitive solution earrings, or ones made of real gold or whatever metal is your favorite.  Of course, that can get expensive, so I tend to stick to the sensitive solution earrings.  Wearing real metal earrings isn’t always the solution either; one of my friends got a pair of 14 karat gold earrings and couldn’t wear them because of how much pain they caused her.  She of course found out after that that she is allergic to that type of gold, but in case you are in the same situation as her it is easier to stick to sensitive solution earrings.

Always keep your earrings clean, as well.  Keep them in a drawer that you clean out regularly and before you wear them always wipe them down with a bit or earring cleaner or hydrogen peroxide.  This should keep you from getting infections.  If you don’t wear earrings often and follow these rules your ears still may get irritated the first time or two that you wear earrings.  This is simply because your ear isn’t used to having a metal rod stuck through it anymore.

If your ears do get slightly irritated or infected, wash the holes with hydrogen peroxide every morning and night.  You can either soak a cotton ball or Q Tip in hydrogen peroxide and wipe over and around the earring hole to try to get as much hydrogen peroxide into the hole as possible.  If you do have an infection, some fizzing may take place, but I promise it does not hurt, but actually tickles in fact.  If your ear is really infected, you can use rubbing alcohol if you like for a deep cleaning, but that may sting a tad if anywhere inside your earring hole has a slight cut.

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