The Legend of Zara

by Mackenzie M. | June 13th, 2012 | Men's Shopping

This month I made an incredible fashion discovery while shopping with a French friend. She desperately wanted to go to a shop called Zara, a brand that I had previously never heard of. After much persistence, she dragged me into the giant Zara store in the fashion district of Nagoya, Japan.

As soon as I stepped in the door, my mind was overwhelmed by the amount of men’s fashions. After checking the prices, I realized that I had just entered the men’s fashion “promised land.” With incredibly low prices, endless arrays of the latest fashion trends, and locations within the United States and Canada, Zara is easily the best place to shop for men’s fashions this summer.

Little did I know that Zara has had stores in America since 1989. Founded in Spain in 1975, Zara has locations in 73 countries, with the majority being on the European continent. According to my French friend, Zara is the place to go in Paris when looking for the latest fashions, but at reasonable prices.

One of Zara’s most noteworthy strengths is its ability to bring products to the masses in only a matter of weeks. In fact, Zara claims that it only requires two weeks to develop a new product and get it into its stores. This is compared to the six-month average of most companies. Even H&M cannot compete with this amazingly quick time span. The company launches over 10,000 new designs per year, making it the absolute leader in the “fast fashion” niche of the industry.

Zara also has resisted the urge, unlike many of its competitors, to move production of its clothing to low cost labor countries. Instead, a majority of the clothes are made in Portugal, Spain, and a few Asian countries. Zara instead chose to take a ‘no advertising’ strategy. This is in direct contradiction to its biggest competitors UNIQLO and United Colors of Benetton. On top of this strategy, Zara consistently carries the absolute latest in fashion. Even Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Director called the company, “possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world.”

All this being said, Zara is the best place for affordable and trendy men’s fashion. Their selection of shorts, scarves, shirts, and shores is far greater than that of H&M. Because the products are made in reputable factories, the clothing is of a much higher quality than that of competitors. For example, I found a large selection of real leather shoes priced from around $30-90 USD. From there, I found shirts, scarves, and pants all priced from $20-50 USD. These bargains cannot be beat when attempting to find the latest in men’s fashion.

I strongly suggest visiting your local Zara location or browsing online at zara.com. Happy shopping!

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