The Most Amazing Accessory

by Lori Sciame | September 28th, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

This fall’s most amazing accessory continues to be the scarf.  Worn in a number of ways, this accessory works for women of all ages.  Another bonus – scarves cost little for the amount of versatility they bring to your wardrobe.

Worn around the neck, shoulders, and the waist, this handy fashion accessory reigns as the season’s number one must-have. If you haven’t jumped on the scarf bandwagon yet, run…don’t walk…to your favorite department store and purchase at least one.

From teens to grandmas, most women see the value in owning a scarf.  Wrapped around the neck, not only does this fashion accessory offer warmth, it can camouflage a number of beauty flaws.  For instance, some women complain that as they age, they have been cursed with a sagging jawline and wrinkly neck skin.  The scarf mercifully hides this unwanted sign of aging.

Although teens and young adult women don’t need to worry about saggy necks just yet, they do battle with other skin issues, such as acne.  A scarf does not hide acne; an elegantly tied scarf does, however, draw the eye downward, taking the focus off any blemishes.

Wider scarves also work great as a light wrap as the weather begins to dip.  Teens going to homecoming can use one of the scarves they already own to complement their dress, instead of buying a shawl for this one event.  Women in the work world can also use scarves as a chic wrap over a suit jacket until the weather dips below freezing.  For instance, a Burberry scarf looks awesome against a black suit jacket.

Scarves also can be used for casual waist cinches.  Many of today’s tops, including peasant blouses, look awesome with a thin scarf knotted at the side of the waist.  If you are really adventurous, you can open the scarf to its full width so that it covers part of your bottom in back, then gather it up so that it is tied thinner in the front.  This look works with jeans best.  Add boots for an extra cute look.

Of course the main use of the scarf remains as an accent for the neck area.  Experiment with different ways to drape and knot a scarf for an endless array of looks.  One popular way to wear a scarf is to fold it in half length-wise.  Put the scarf around the back of your neck, bringing the looped portion and the two ends to the front.  Thread the two end through the loop, then adjust it to how loose or tight you want it to fit around your neck.

Another fun idea is to wrap the scarf around the front of your neck first, bringing both ends back around towards the front.  Again, you can adjust the tightness or looseness according to what you like.

Scarves have it all.  They are inexpensive and versatile.  This fall, invest in several scarves in a variety of colors and materials to give your cold weather wardrobe an instant style boost.


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